You Have A Story

Everyone has stories to share in our lives. Every business has a story to tell when it comes to their origins. Just like a person wanting to tell their friends about their trip to the beaches of the Bahamas.  Businesses have stories to tell about their products, services and why they provide them the way they do.  As a new business it is never too early to start your story.  If you are not good with putting your story down, You can enlist the help of a professional to help you make your story come alive.

Marketing, when done correctly, is a lot of fun and entertaining. It’s as engaging and interactive as a storyteller in front of a bonfire. It can be expensive, (unlike a bonfire) but it certainly doesn’t need to be. With the ability to craft your message and distribute it in any form you want to thousands sometimes millions, there is no excuse why you can’t share your latest garden endeavors from the backyard or the new park your city just built.

I have a love for marketing because it helps me connect the community around me.  Marketing shows people who you are, what you want to do and why. It helps you reach your audience in areas all over, showing the real side of your business. You need to love marketing because at its core, it’s creative and as unique as each person, even a person in a large organization.

With that said, Marketing is so much more than billboards and newspaper ads. It’s storytelling at  it’s absolute finest. To do effective marketing, you need to identify the different personalities in your audience and speak to them as a person. Just like when telling a story, you want to be sure you are engaging your audience and relating to them. You have to connect individually to your audience. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. My target audience is different than yours, just as a Lawyer has a different audience than a Burger Joint. Take some time to figure out who your audience is and how best to connect with them as a person, or it’ll be just like all those bland ads on TV and YouTube that no one cares about.


Have a little fun with your story

Don’t follow the crowd and do what everyone else is. Definitely do not do what your competitors are doing, or you will be seen as the same as them. Be yourself. Be unique. Be creative and innovative. Your audience wants to know who you are, not how well you can mimic the guys down the road who are giving away free doughnuts.

What makes a good story good in the long run? It is individual and special. It has details that set it apart from other tales. It is memorable and engaging in every sense of those words. Boring stories lack substance and new content. They put the audience into a deep slumber like your old college professor who should’ve retired by now. You need to wrap your mind around your story and deliver it to your audience in an exciting new way that only can be done with a personal touch.

Be Professional but be interesting as well. Be personable without being inappropriate. The more you go into your history and how you got the idea for your business, the more people will want to hear your story. The story of Sam Walton and his dream of Walmart is amazing at its core, even if the Retailer has declined since his passing. Sam Walton was ever the professional though. Not just to his customers but to his employees as well. What was the point of that? Well it’s another form of marketing. His good reputation and the story of it passed down through generations is what makes Walmart what it is today, or at least what it should be today.


Details Are Everything

The details you put into your marketing are what draws your audience and customers in. It’s not  just the sales you are having for the Summer, it’s why you are having those sales. You may have had some amazing times as a kid during the summer, and you want to provide a good deal on the stuff that helped you enjoy those times. Maybe you’re an aspiring lawyer trying to make it, so you provide the story of what made you choose to be a lawyer. Your inspiration is your audience’s motivation to buy from you or accept your services. Take the time in your marketing to tell the story you have for every relevant detail, and be amazed at how people come to you more than the competition.


Take Out The Trash

Finally you need to get rid of stereotypes and clichés that people just hate with a passion. Everyone wants to feel and be treated as the individual you are about. Marketing ads and campaigns that are directed at stereotypes and clichés will only lose your audience’s attention, and may even lead to them never looking twice at your business again.  This is an important concept whether you are creating your own image or selecting a firm to help you help you create that image.  So out with the old and bad, to bring in the new fresh engaging marketing techniques that can help you to success!