About our site

pie of coinsWe represent a group of small business persons and entrepreneurs that over the years have succeeded and failed on many levels.  There is a whole mountain of experience here and along the way many of us found help from mentors, friends, family, business partners,etc.  Now it is time to pay it forward and Sydney will be our spokes person.

Over the last few decades there has been a decline in the availability of jobs.  This is one of the factors that has prodded many of us to take the bull buy the horns and become our own bosses.  We all live and work in the  Upstate New York , Massachusetts and Vermont areas.  There has been enormous business growth here over the last several years especially with the advent of the Global Foundries chip plant facility.  This influx of population is both good and bad for the entrepreneur or small business person.  While there are more and more potential customers, there is also more potential competition.

It is amazing to drive up and down say Route 9 for instance and view all The New Kids on the block, made up of the new professional offices, retail shops, and service providers.  Back to paying our experience forward, we would like to offer some of our accumulated wisdom framed in today’s fast paced electronic business environment.

Sydney is a lot younger that most of us so he is going to help us edit the articles and make sure we put some new marketing polish on them.  We hope to get some input from local business persons to get a take on their struggles and solutions they have come up with also.  Everyone benefits and everyone grows so that at least in the communities in our area businesses will be “The New Kids Forever”  growing and moving forward, keeping fresh attitudes and fresh business ideas.